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Note 1

Sorry for breaking the tradition of using Vnese, and using both Eng and Vnese instead, yah I know im gonna be too chảnh chóa, but its better to gossip some stuff that happen both in Eng and Vn ways for me these days. This list will be updated everyday since I have time to breath and type, you know, these days I feel ná thở literally, just want to write down randomly so I wont forget these sweet moments:

1/ Names

1st meeting..

Ái: hey you guys, My name’s Ai, I know if I say “im Ai”, you will say “yeah I know you are you”, but that’s my name, Ai, A-I

[everyone laughs..]

Diệu: and Im Dieu

U.S buddies [confusing]: arrrr, [chỉ Ái] you are I (Ai), and [chỉ Diệu] you are …you (Dieu)

Ai & Dieu: =))))


Ai and Yen have meeting with Tara and Kara

Kara: raining day likes this has less or more “bất” ?

Ái [thinkinggg]: what did they say with “butt”?!?!?!?

Yến: I think these bird are blah blah…

[after the meeting, when translating papers, we see it coincidentally, it is “bug” =))]


One of my pupils: chị Ái, ở Cần Thơ buổi tối chắc vui dữ lắm hén chị? Lâulâu em cũng được lên Cần Thơ, mà hõng có ở lại buổi tối được..

Ái: cười cười, suy ngẫm, thấy thiệt là đáng iu!

Pics will follow…


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