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Entry for April 12, 2009

Bạn Ái đi lang thang, nhặt đc cái speech rất hài

Nói chung nghe cũng chữ đc chữ mất

Cơ mà bạn A thích cái đoạn cuối,đại lạoi nó là:

I have no hope that my actions will help Viet Nam – as a whole country – to overcome its current hardship, but in the context of this contest, I’d say I’m doing my part to help improving the situation by not adding our employees to the unemployment mass. I believe that similar efforts are actually happening everywhere, especially in medium and small businesses in Viet Nam. We can see/feel that the situation is stabilizing and improving bit by bit. And I also believe that you (the audiences and conference attendees) and I, collectively, can definitely bring Viet Nam out of this economy crisis in a near future. In his 1987 classic book ‘Growing a Business,’ Paul Halkan [là ai ,tên viết vầy phải ko?] wrote: “Being a good human being is good business,” and I’d say “Being a good human being is helping the economy.”


Contest rules nó thế lày:



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